We're collaborators, event planners, logistics coordinators, innovators, creators, and dreamers who do what we love with a passion to please.


We're here to serve you—and your guests—every way that we can. That’s us! in a nutshell. Through our decades of experience, proven processes, and creative solutions, we build relationships that inspire confidence and encourage fun! The result is a successfully managed live event experience that gives everyone goosebumps!


With more than 10 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of every opportunity in every las vegas event, we believe that what truly underpins our success and the many relationships we’ve built are the enduring values that guide us every day.


Our reputation was built—and continues to build—by delivering on our promises to both our clients and to each other. By always doing what’s right, we attract and retain partners, clients, and professionals who also value integrity.


We earn trust in many ways: with words and actions that demonstrate our listening, a prompt response to a request, or in a simple, unexpected act of kindness. When we genuinely engage in the objectives of others, we inspire confidence and create trust.


People like to work with people who love what they do. For us, every program, client, and engagement…from the smallest and simplest transactional event to the largest multi-day, brand-building extravaganza…is a testament to our passion and standards of excellence. We set the bar high and then over-deliver. Our clients see the positive results of this energy in every Hello! event.


We encourage everyone on our team to be creative, not just through design, but logistics as well. We understand that true creativity comes from working within challenges and constraints, whether it’s time, money, venue, staffing, or all of the above. We provide brilliant solutions by understanding those restrictions and applying our Detailed Imagination!


Our partners and clients are a family. As a family-owned business, we carry this spirit into our support for each other and respect for differing perspectives and ideas. We are true collaborators who build partnerships, not just relationships. We’re stronger together. We have your back.


We actively seek out, apply, and drive new products, services, technologies, and processes that can provide a competitive edge for our company and improve results for our clients.