Ah, a bachelor party in Las Vegas. In such a last-hurrah kind of event in one of the most decadent cities in the world, the line between right and wrong tends to get blurry, prompting people to wonder how far is too far and if they’ve crossed some lines while making the most of their time before tying the knot.

If you’re thinking of having your bachelor party in Las Vegas, remember that a lot of things can happen in one night in Sin City—and your fiance knows that. To help you stay on the “righteous path” and not ruin your marriage before it begins, here’s a quick guide on what you can and can’t do while enjoying your last days (and nights) as a “free man.”

Bachelor Party Conduct: How Far is Too Far?

However, we all know that bachelor parties, especially those in Vegas, aren’t filled with just harmless male bonding activities that involve drinks, cigars, and games. Below are five situations that will put your moral compass to test.

Flirting with random girls

There’s a huge chance that you’ll find yourself in a bar with your pals telling random girls that tonight is your final gasp of air, thus opening you up to flirtatious advances. Flirting is fine, as long as it remains harmless. Don’t let it lead to exchanging numbers and some improper touches here and there because the fact is you aren’t single anymore. You’ve had your last gasp of air months or years ago when you committed yourself into a relationship.

Going to a strip club

A Las Vegas bachelor party isn’t complete without strippers, and bachelor parties are actually a top reason (or favorite excuse) for hitting the Vegas strip clubs. That said, going to a strip club is fine and totally expected, but how about what happens when you’re inside? If you’re just going to watch, then it’s no issue at all, but it’s like going to a restaurant and not eating. Besides, those dancers are there to earn a living; sitting there and not tipping doesn’t let them make money.

Getting a lap dance

This one is a tricky 50-50 matter. Lap dances are a default to bachelor parties, and not getting at least one hot lap dance is anti-climactic. Still, there are two things you need to consider to make sure no trouble comes from it. First is your fiance. If she’s not okay with it, then best forget it. Second is your attitude towards it. If you think it’s just part of the fun, then it’s totally cool. However, if you insist on getting lots of lap dances and start getting handsy, then you’re giving your fiance a valid reason to raise hell.


A kiss is a kiss, so this is where we draw the line. No matter how fun the party is or how hard your pals are urging you to “let loose and go at it,” kissing a stripper or a random girl is not acceptable. Remember that you are in a relationship; a party is never an excuse for you to forget that.

Kissing and more

It goes without saying that anything beyond kissing is a big no-no. A bachelor party isn’t a chance for a one-night stand, so if you cross this line, good luck convincing your girl to still push through with the wedding.

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