Las Vegas is arguably the capital of bachelor parties. With its tempting strip clubs and high-stake casino games, it’s easy to get lost in the haze and fall prey to the Seven Deadly Sins that often send bachelor parties down the drain.

If you’re the best man and you’re planning a Vegas bachelor party for your friend, here are the “sins” you’ll have to watch out for.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Bachelor Party Planning


There’s a lot to prepare when you want to pull off the best bachelor party, so getting lazy is the first mistake you could make and one that could make everything else difficult. Get the ball rolling early on. Remember that some hotels and strip clubs might not be operating as usual after the pandemic, so looking into things in advance will give you enough chances to change venues or adjust your plans. 


No one would want tension in the group, and the one thing that could cause that is envy. As the planner, make sure that everyone gets the same treatment. If you’re booking rooms in a hotel, it doesn’t bode well to have some guests in standard rooms only to give lavish suites to others (unless they’ll shoulder the accommodation expenses). 


Ah, food. This is one sin you might want to let slide. The groom (and everyone in your group) deserves at least one really great meal during the bachelor party. Do your research and ask the groom to pick one of the top restos in Vegas for a memorable dinner. If you’re short on budget, how about buying some meat slabs and doing an impromptu barbecue night. Whatever the situation, make sure that everyone eats well without blowing your budget.


Vegas isn’t Vegas without the casinos, and it’s only expected to spend some exciting time playing with Lady Luck. Hence, be sure to set aside time for your group to hit the casinos, especially if the groom has a taste for blackjack, roulette, or an informal game of poker. However, try to get everyone to agree to some guidelines, i.e. until what time you’ll be staying in the casino. Also, remind your pals not to splurge too much. The last thing anyone wants is to go home broke.


No Vegas bachelor party is ever complete without strippers. However, as the Best Man and event mastermind, it’s your job that this doesn’t cause any issues. Whether it’s a private strip party in your hotel room or a roaring good time in a strip club, you have to learn the rules of engagement. Find out if it’s ok for the ladies to be touched or not, and discuss this early on with your group. 

Also, best check with the fiance on what is acceptable. Does licking whipped cream off a lady’s body too much? Does a raunchy lap dance cross the line? These are some things you need to air out with the fiance.


This is what you’ll get from the fiance if you fail to check in with her regarding #5. Remember, no one wants any drama resulting from the bachelor party.


The bachelor party is about the groom; it’s not the time nor the place for anyone to boast achievements and compare careers. If you think someone is too stubborn to follow the plan or too arrogant that other guests might get into trouble with him, it’s best to leave him out of the guest list and save yourself the headache.

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